Ramadan Mubarak – Ramadan Kareem 2019 Greetings

Ramadan Mubarak – Ramadan Kareem Greetings

“Ramadan Mubarak” Means “Have a Blessed Ramadan”

Ramadan ( رمضان ) is a very Holy month in Islam. It is the 9th month in Islamic calendar. It is said that Quran was revealed to Hajrat Mohammad in this month.

Muslims around the world fast in the Ramadan month from sunrise to sunset to honor the holy event. they wake up before sunrise an take their morning meal “Suhoor” after that they do not eat anything untill sunset. A morning prayer is performed. At the Sunset fast is broken with “Iftar”. The traditional way to break the fast is with eating “Dates” and prayer is performed after that.

According to Islam every person who is healthy and mature person should fast in Holy Ramadan month. Fasting persons are advised to stay Pure during Ramadan Month. Apart from fasting some other activities are prohibited. Some persons like Old age, Pregnant or nursing women, ill persons, traveling persons are not required to fast during Ramadan month.

The Greeting terms Like Ramadan Mubarak ( رمضان مبارك ) & Ramadan Kareem ( رمضان كريم ) are used to wish & Greet Ramadan.

Wish you all a very Happy Ramadan. Stay Blessed.


Ramadan Kareem Wallpapers

Wish your Loved one’s Ramadan by Sending these Ramadan Images. You can use use these Ramadan Images as your social media Profile status or Whatsapp status also. 

Click on any Wallpaper to open it. Right click on wallpaper & Select “Save as” to save it to your computer.

Colorful Ramadan Kareem Wallpaper


Beautiful Ramadan Kareem Wallpaper


Ramadan Kareem Arabic Wallpaper with Mosque & Lamps


Ramadan Kareem Arabic Wallpaper with Moon & Lamps


Ramadan English Wallpaper


Ramadan Mubarak Lamps in the Desert wallpaper

Ramadan Kareem – Ramadan Mubarak Wishes & Greetings Videos

Ramadan Kareem Video
Ramadan Kareem Video
Ramadan Mubarak Video
Ramadan Kareem animated Video
Ramadan Greetings Video

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